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8 hours ago

Album Review: Lurking Evil - The Almighty Hordes of the Undead

Album Review: Lurking Evil – The Almighty Hordes of the Undead

Lurking Evil - The Almighty Hordes of the Undead

Lurking Evil [Spain]
The Almighty Hordes of the Undead
Full Length
Razorback Recordings
Black/Thrash Metal/Punk

Spain has spat forth numerous impressive death metal acts, with the death metal scene strengthened by the likes of Xtreem Music and the various musical explorations of Dave Rotten. Lurking Evilmay not be the first black/thrash metal band that I encounter out of the region, but…

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8 hours ago

SORXE: The Obelisk Premieres Mammoth LP-Closing Movement From Phoenix Doom/Sludge Quartet

Gateway to the doom/sludge/stoner/rock underground, The Obelisk, today opens a portal to the mammoth closing number from SORXE's debut LP, Surrounded By Theives, with the more than eight minute-long, “The Mountain Man.”


SORXE's Surrounded by Shadows draws on the best elements left from the largely washed out post-metal movement. They tradeoff atmospherics and churning, crushing riffs, vary their approach widely, and toy with structures and builds to create a full-album sensibility that each individual song feeds into,” states The Obelisk’s intense review of the album alongside the exclusive stream of its final destructive anthem. The review issues on the track itself massive accolades: “‘The Mountain Man’ has its stomp and plod in rounding out the nine-track/55-minute offering, and its initial explosion in chaotic, crushing noise is high among Surrounded by Shadows' most satisfying moments, but there's consciousness at work behind all that bludgeoning. It would be hard for any individual piece to completely sum up everything SORXE have on offer with their debut, but in providing the album with its apex, ‘The Mountain Man’ also provides a showcase for SORXE's burgeoning dynamic. It is encompassing in its heaviness.”


Hear for yourself; blast “The Mountain Man” via The Obelisk RIGHT HERE.


The album-opener “Steamroller” is also playing at Cvlt Nation HERE.


SORXE will independently release Surrounded By Shadows via digital download and digipak CD on September 2nd, 2014. Digital preorders are now posted, including an instant download of “Steamroller,” HERE. The CD will be available for preorder shortly.


Comprised of former members of Graves At Sea, Via Vengeance, Magnetplan, Daughters Of Fission and more, SORXE's dynamic assault is fueled by two and multiple styles of layered vocals. A sprawling, diverse eruption of crushing doom, at times incredibly beautiful and tranquil, and at others overwhelmingly harrowing, its earthmoving riffs penetrated with undertones of grunge, psychedelic and ambient textures, Surrounded By Shadows was recorded by the band’s Tanner Crace in multiple sessions in June 2013 at Francisco Studios and February through June 2014 at The Vaulted Owl, the album mastered by Byron Villain Recording. Boasting a wide range of well-crafted tracks comparable in does along the way to Neurosis, Ufomammut, Yob, Hull and others, the album’s cover art was constructed by Josh Graham.

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COLDWAR Unleash New Music Video ‘13th Moon’

Today Irish hardcore death metal punks Coldwar unleash the first music video, ‘13th Moon’, taken from their fifth album ‘Pantheist’ which was released earlier this year via Candlelight Records.

Watch ‘13th Moon’ Here

Vocalist Trevor McLave offers insight into the story behind ‘13th Moon’…

"For over Two Millennia Anno Domini, we have endured forceful suppression of our existential autonomy and witnessed the obstruction of algebraic rhythmic union between humankind and the cosmos. The Gregorian calendar is the ephemeris with which bodies of governance such as church state and financial institutions dictate terms of punctual orientation and strive to regulate the application of intellectuality. ‘13th Moon’, the 4th track from the current Coldwar release ‘Pantheist’, is a celebratory rejection of the Christian calendar. The lyrics are suggestive of a druidic renaissance with emphasis on a timekeeping system in which I3, 28 day lunar cycles align the span of time that mother earth orbits the sun, minus 1 day. A day of celestial harmony, and cosmic observance…"

'Pantheist' saw Coldwar once again deliver the goods with an album packed with the exemplary musicianship that you'd expect from seasoned veterans. Coldwar have encapsulated everything that the band had set out to achieve once again with their trademark dark and hate filled sound; it's captivating, interesting, simple yet punishingly effective in places yet more intricate and thought provoking in others.

Production has been hailed having been taken to a whole new level with the help from their producer Michael Richards at Trackmix Studio, Dublin.

Media acclaim has seen Coldwar rise through the ranks and get the attention they rightly deserve with this “absolute beast of an album, the kind of feral, rabid beast that wouldn’t hesitate in ripping you limb from limb if you so much as looked at it funny” as stated by Indulge Sound. Headbang or GTFO said, “The aggression is fowl and the result is some gnarly metal,” while Two Guys Metal Reviews said, “Coldwar are vicious and unholy, but they unravel extreme music and the power it holds in a whole new way.”

Order ‘Panthiest’ Here:

Watch The ‘Ether Child’ Lyric Video Here:

Listen To ‘Heart Of Darkness’ Here:

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SECRETS OF THE SKY: Immense Track From Split LP With GODHUNTER Now Streaming At MetalSucks

"The Star" — the prime track leading off the SECRETS OF THE SKY-owned B-side of the GH/0ST:SLP, the band’s impending split album with GODHUNTER — is now playing through an exclusive premiere at MetalSucks.


Featuring the newest recordings from the Oakland, California-based cinematic doom metal outfit since their acclaimed 2013-releaed debut full-length, To Sail Black Waters, the SECRETS OF THE SKY-owned B-side of the LP, leads off with “The Star.” The nearly seven-minute opus picking up directly where the album left off boasts the band’s gargantuan doom metal riffage and spacious, otherworldly atmospheres, slickly delivered with impeccably tunderous production, the result of the band’s return to Trident Studios with engineer Juan Urteaga (Testament, Machine Head, Cattle Decapitation), who recorded both of the band’s works. MetalSucks, who issued massive praise of To Sail Black Waters, including multiple best-of 2013 lists, is now hosting an exclusive stream of the massive track, stating, “GODHUNTER and SECRETS OF THE SKY are very different bands, but they provide the perfect foil for one another, the yin and yang, GODHUNTER's stoney, sludged out riffs balanced out bySECRETS OF THE SKY's delicate splendor,” and confirming that “The Star” is, “as fantastic as anything the band's ever done.”


Listen to SECRETS OF THE SKY’s “The Star” via MetalSucks at THIS LOCATION.


Also hear GODHUNTER’s LP opening “Pursuit/Predator” via Invisible Oranges RIGHT HERE.


GH/0ST:S brings nearly thirty-five minutes of new material into existence, with GODHUNTER's side recorded and mixed by Ryan Bram at Homewrecker Studios, and SECRETS OF THE SKY's recorded and mixed by Juan Urteagaat Trident Studios, and the full release mastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege. The album showcases some of the most expansive new material from both bands, with both acts' contributing a massive lead track as well as an extensive ethereal/experimental track bearing the GH/0ST:S theme. Following its limited edition cassette release for their Southwestern tour together this Spring, GH/0ST:S will see a deluxe LP release through a joint effort betweenGODHUNTER's Battleground Records and Earsplit's THE COMPOUND RECS on September 9th, pressed on black/white swirl 180-gram wax in a run of 300 copies including a digital download. Preorders for GH/0ST:S are live via The Comound/Earsplit Distro HERE.

8 hours ago

MEGATON LEVIATHAN: Psychedelic Doom Practitioners Premiere New Hymn Via Invisible Oranges

MEGATON LEVIATHAN is preparing to release their most psychologically stirring, sprawling manifestation of sound to date with Past 21 Beyond The Arctic Cell.

Set for release via Seventh Rule Recordings next month, the record was mixed by MEGATON's newest resident thaumaturgist, Mort Subite (V.I.I.R.L., Alfheimr, Benighted In Sodom live), and is a near lethal dose of solemn audio narcotic, shifting the listener somewhere outside the realm of space-time for the duration of its dissociative transduction from speakers to brain. Glacial, yet burning with divine fire, Past 21's spell is simultaneously whispered in a hallowed chapel, and torn from a throat rent by the gnashing of teeth.


In celebration of its imminent release, today Invisible Oranges offers up first track, “Past 21,” for mass consumption/reflection, relaying, “Like elder experimentalists, MEGATON LEVIATHAN are driven to create, explore, and meddle with moods. ‘Past 21’ is a fine example, opening with a cracked doom progression a la Old Man Gloom and spending the next four minutes shading in a map of a craggy, hellish landscape. The drone-verture could soundtrack a sci-fi moon landing, one unveiling an icy Io-esque tomb while providing the proper you-gonna-die foreshadowing. It’s also a kind of painful purgatory: if you took the wrong drugs, you might think it’s going to be a long night. Then MEGATON LEVIATHAN flip the script. At 4:06, ‘Past 21’ breaks free of its downer stasis thanks to a deep guitar crunch supported by pumping organs. Now you’re swaddled in warmth. The song is still blue but it’s on the rise and moving, buoyed by an epiphany of acceptance. Whatever trepidation you had before is blasted away with deliciously sad strings, solos that float like ash from a fire, and vocals that have that unobtrusive-yet-totally-affecting lilt of Kenny Hickey. Things have clicked. Welcome to nine minutes of melancholy bliss. The instruments ring out. You finally exhale. What a trip.


Adds founder/lone original member, Andrew James Costa Reuscher, “The graal can only be obtained once everything is lost in its quest. SMIB.”


Take the trip with “Past 21,” now playing at THIS LOCATION.

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OBITUARY: ‘Inked In Blood’ Album Trailer Featuring New Song Samples

OBITUARY: ‘Inked In Blood’ Album Trailer Featuring New Song Samples

Reposted from

Florida death metal veterans OBITUARY will release their ninth studio album, “Inked In Blood”, on October 28 via the band’s new partnership with Relapse Records.

OBITUARY‘s first full-length CD in over five years was recorded by the band this past April at its own RedNeck Studio in Gibsonton, Florida.

“Inked In Blood” track listing:

01. Centuries Of Lies
02. Violent…

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HAMMERFALL: ‘Hector’s Hymn’ Video Released

Reposted from “Hector’s Hymn”, the new 11Frames Productions-directed clip from Swedish metallers HAMMERFALL, can be seen below.

1 day ago

SACROCURSE stream debut album at

Today, black/death barbarians Sacrocurse stream the entirety of their debut album, Unholier Master -released this week by Hells Headbangers for both the international CD version and North American vinyl LP version (Iron Bonehead Productiosn is handling the European vinyl pressing) – at heavily trafficked web-portal

Hot on the heels of their internationally acclaimed Sulphur…

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1 day ago

STENCH premiere new song “Archways”

Swedish death metallers STENCH premiere a brand new track entitled "Archways". It is the first song to be revealed from band’s upcoming full-length album "Venture", set to be released on the 26th of September in Europe and 7th of October in North America via Agonia Records"Archways" is available for streaming via the following locations:

North America - No Clean Singing

Asia - Metal Wani

UK - Zero Tolerance Magazine

Sweden - Close-up Magazine

Norway - Metal Hammer Magazine

Finland - Inferno Magazine

Italy - Metal Italia

Germany -

Hungary - Hammerworld Magazine

Spain - This Is Metal Magazine

Benelux - Lords Of Metal

France - Thrashocore

Romania - Metal Maniac

Poland - Musick Magazine,nowy-kawalek-stench-w-streamie,1744.html

The new album ”Venture” features seven brand new songs reminiscent of horror infected old-school death metal. Jonathan Hultén (guitars) comments: ”Venture” is a journey from the rawest, most monotonous cellar-darkness up to a desolate mountain top, from which you are thrown into the abyss below in a castanedian manner. If only but for a moment or even throughout the whole 38 minutes, be prepared to enter the other world. For four years we have been boiling down our material to the bone in pursuit of the essence of this type of music. Our conclusion is that the simple and repetitive riffing is holding the key, and is enhanced by more or less subtle choirs and sound textures. Primitive, yet atmospheric”.

The album was recorded in Necromorbus Studio (WatainPortrait) in Stockholm, Sweden. It will be available in a digipack CDdigitally and in a 12” vinyl (black, limited picture disc and a special colour version).


1. Archways
2. The Vast
3. Road
4. Small Death
5. Celebration
6. Way
7. Venture


Mikael Pettersson - vocals
Jonathan Hultén - guitars
Johannes Andersson - drums

1 day ago

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LAGO: MetalSucks Dispatches New Tune From Phoenix Death Metal Act

A new precursory warning shot from LAGO's debut full-length, Tyranny, has been dispatched via MetalSucks preceding the album’s official release on September 16th through Battleground Records.


The second of Tyranny's eight demoralizing blackened death metal works, “The Tyranny Of Men” erupts with the blend of classic death metal workings and blackened components that form the foundation of LAGO's demoralizing delivery. Loaded with empowering solos, potent bass runs and a voracious salvo of percussion, the guttural main vocals joined at times with a demonic cackling counterpart. MetalSucks champions the band, issuing, “LAGO know when to beat you over the head with sheer brutality, they know when to slow things down for gargantuan effect, and they know how write a real, artful guitar solo. In short, they’re the perfect death metal band.”


To be bludgeoned with “The Tyranny Of Men” via MetalSucks CLICK THIS.


Also hear the album’s “Concede To Oblivion” previously released via No Clean Singing HERE.


LAGO recorded the blasphemous Tyranny in the Fall of 2013 by Ryan Butler at Arcane Digital Recording (Exhumed, Phobia, Landmine Marathon) and mastered in March 2014 by Dave Shirk at Sonorous Mastering (Incantation, Exhumed, Today is the Day). The album executes forty minutes of primal, pummeling death metal with a dissonant black metal edge through eight destructive tracks. Additionally, Jonny Davy from Job For A Cowboy makes a guest appearance on the track “Bring To Ruin.” Battleground Records will release Tyranny on digipak CD and via digital delivery on September 16th, 2014, while Swedish label Blood Harvest Records will be handling the vinyl edition. The album will be released through iTunes, Amazon MP3, Spotify, etc. as well. Preorders are already available directly through the band; for the CD click HERE and for the digital — which includes an immediate download of the track “Concede To Oblivion” — click HERE.