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9 minutes ago

Album Review: Dire Omen - Wresting the Revelation of Futility

Album Review: Dire Omen – Wresting the Revelation of Futility

Dire Omen - Wresting the Revelation of Futility

Dire Omen [Canada]
Wresting the Revelation of Futility
Full Length
Dark Descent Records
Black/Death Metal

It has been quite a long while since the last bestial black/death metal release that I really enjoyed, and it is quite fitting that the first one to once again hook me back into this filthy abyss is a Canadian band and their Dark Descent Records debut. Since 2008, Dire Omenhas been…

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1 hour ago

Israeli Duo SHIRAN Debut New Track at

Female-fronted Israeli metal project SHIRAN have debuted a new track from the Warm Winter Day EP at Stream “Remain” exclusively at this location.

SHIRAN will self-release Warm Winter Day on November 15. Created by siren songstress Shiran Avayou and FERIUM guitarist Elram Boxer in 2012, SHIRAN delivers a mixture of hard edged riffs and clean melodic vocals in a Djent metal style that also culls from Jazz and Blues.  

With the help of the other FERIUM members, SHIRAN will be hitting the stage to perform these magnificent songs. Stay tuned! A lyric video for Warm Winter Day track “The Child” is up and rockin’ right here. 

1 hour ago

OBITUARY Streaming New Album Inked in Blood on Loudwire

OBITUARY Streaming New Album Inked in Blood on Loudwire

Death metal legends OBITUARY make their Relapse debut with Inked In Blood, their 9th full length LP. Inked in Blood will be released October 27th in North America/UK/World and Germany/Benelux/Finland on October 24th via Relapse Records. Almost three decades in, Inked In Blood stands out as one of the finest moments in OBITUARY‘s already godlike discography.

Today OBITUARYare giving fans a chance…

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1 hour ago

EMIT: Obscure UK Ambient/Black Metal Entity Releases Track Through Ghost Cult Magazine

In one week, extreme underworld noise specialist outfit, Crucial Blast, will unveil the worldwide edition of the out-of-print Spectre Music Of An Antiquary, by UK black/ambient outfit, EMIT, and through the help of Ghost Cult Magazine, another sordid tale from the album has been posted as evidence of the album’s utter creepiness.


As with EMIT's previous output, the ten movements on Spectre Music Of An Antiquary are lyrically more focused on the occult lore and hidden history of the British isles rather than simply uttering Satanic shock value clichés, an element which heightens the curiosity level of unsuspecting listeners and adds a completely innate, sinister vibe to the entire set of tales. Alongside its eight chapter, “Earthwork Misthill,”

Ghost Cult reports of its research on the record, “This album is essential for those who delve into the bleak, ambient past of black metal, thick with atmospherics. This release was so limited and rare in its initial pressing that this re-issue will see the music seep into the psyche of fervent fans for the first time ever, in many cases. ‘Earthwork Misthill’ is creepy as hell, but like all of EMIT's output, never feels contrived.”


As your shovel strikes bone, let the ambient wrath of “Earthwork Misthill” be the soundtrack for your nocturnal occultation; LISTEN HERE.


Following several years of unavailability, Crucial Blast will reissue Spectre Music Of An Antiquarynext Tuesday, October 28th, the six-panel digipak featuring evocative, all-new artwork. Preorders for the disc and digital versions are posted HERE.


The latest album of murky graveyard ambiance, deranged synth, phantasmic dread and ritualistic black drift from this cult UK outfit, their first in nearly ten years is surrealistic, spectral music and nocturnal delirium transmitted from beyond the veil and steeped in the mysteries of old Britain, like some twisted, eldritch fusion of Fabio Frizzi, In Umbra Malitiae Ambulabo-era Abruptum, and 80’s darkwave. Initially released as an extremely limited cassette on Glorious North, Spectre Music Of An Antiquary presents the first new material from EMIT in over five years, a full-length collection of murky ambiance, deranged ’80s style synth, ritualistic black drift, and stranger sounds forays into black noise. This British outfit has been creating their unique brand of experimental blackened delirium since the late ’90s, branching out of a low-fi UK black metal band called Ante Cryst, yet withEMIT, the members began to explore a creepy, synth-heavy sound that was unmistakably descended from black metal but supremely more deformed, combining harsh electronic noise, horror-movie soundtrack atmospherics, droning keyboards, wrecked and fractured black metal guitars, and bizarre vocals that would often push their music into a strange realm of hallucinatory, ghastly psychedelia. On Spectre, though, EMIT's sound has morphed into something that more resembles some mutated, primitive ’80s darkwave being completely taken over by malevolent spirits, with eerie electronic drones and distant moaning vocals often taking over.

1 hour ago

ATRIARCH: Pitchfork Streams New LP From Death/Doom Alchemists In Its Entirety

ATRIARCH: Pitchfork Streams New LP From Death/Doom Alchemists In Its Entirety

With the release of An Unending Pathway, the haunting new long player from Pacific Northwest atmospheric death/doom alchemists, ATRIARCH, now less than a week away, today Pitchfork is streaming the record in its entirety.

Tracked at Type Foundry in Portland, Oregon, produced by Billy Anderson (Sleep, Eyehategod, Melvins et al) and the band, engineered and mixed by Anderson at Everything Hz, also…

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1 hour ago

INFERION’s This Will Decay Out Today on HPGD Productions

This Will Decay, the new album from Miami-based black/death metal horde INFERION, has been released today on Horror Pain Gore Death Productions in digital and CD format. To purchase and/or listen to the album that called “insidiously evil,” visitthis location. 

1 hour ago

ABYSMAL DAWN Streaming New Album in Full on Metal Sucks

ABYSMAL DAWN Streaming New Album in Full on Metal Sucks

ABYSYMAL DAWN are less than one week away from the release of their new album Obsolescence.  That being said, the band has teamed up with Metal Sucks for an exclusive stream of Obsolescence beginning today.  Visit the link HERE, to listen to Obsolescence in its entirety courtesy of Metal Sucks.

Obsolescencewill be released October 27th in North America (UK/World October 27th and…

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1 hour ago

PRIMORDIAL: Dublin Metal Troupe Unveils New Tune At Stereogum

PRIMORDIAL: Dublin Metal Troupe Unveils New Tune At Stereogum

Today Stereogum hosts the official unveiling of “Come The Flood,” the new hymn from Dublin metal troupe, PRIMORDIAL. The stirring tune appears as the third track on the band’s long-anticipatedWhere Greater Men Have Fallen full-length, set for release via Metal Blade Records this November.

Praised by Pitchfork for their fastidiously composed “folk and black metal-inflected classic metal that…

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1 hour ago

SANITY’S RAGE releases lyric video for “Thumbs Up For The End Of The World”

Belgium Thrash Metal veterans SANITY’S RAGE celebrate their 10 year anniversary appropriately commemorating a “Decade Of Calamity” with the release of their lyric video "Thumbs Up For The End Of The World"

SANITY’S RAGE are no strangers to the Metal World. Having delivered their brand of Anger-fueled, technical thrash over the last 10 years to the Metal masses with their high energy live performances alongside many of their peers such as Laaz Rockit, Destructor, Huntress, Gamma Bomb, Saxon, Testament, Savage Messiah, Agent Steel, Onslaught and many… many more.  The band has been hard at work preparing for an all-out pure thrash attack to be released in 2015 via Dead Inside Records as a follow-up to 2012’s “You Are What You Swallow”.

YouTube link: Sanity’s Rage: Thumbs Up For The End Of The World (lyrics)

1 hour ago

Decaying: New Album Now Playing In Full At Decibel Magazine

With the official release of Decaying’s fourth full-length record “One To Conquer” precisely two weeks away, starting today Decibel Magazine is hosting the exclusive stream of the full release at their site.
Check out “One To Conquer” in its entirety right here.
The follow-up to their acclaimed third album “The Last Days of War” will be released on November 4thby their long-time label Hellthrasher Productions. Pre-orders are currently available via this location.

“One To Conquer” is Decaying’s fourth full-length album in four years and sees the Finnish old-school death metal squad unleashing eight new tracks of earth-shattering doom-influenced death-metal, picking up exactly where their still impressive third album “The Last Days of War” left off, but also managing to incorporate enough twists and turns to keep things interesting.

What founder/vocalist/guitarist Matias Nastolin and company have done with “One To Conquer” is stay to true their traditional sound, a raw and blazing death metal interspersed with some crushing doom elements, and then added some melodic guitar licks that give an epic feel to some of these songs.